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5740 Bundy Road  *  New Orleans, Louisiana  70127  * (504) 241-8842

Beginners-We offer a variety of classes designed to meet the interests and abilities of students. Beginners and babies are introduced to several dance areas in combination classes where basic tap, ballet and jazz are taught.

Intermediates - As the student masters the basics and matures they move into the intermediate level and have the option of exploring the more advanced areas of ballet (pre-pointe, pointe); jazz  (lyrical and contemporary) and tap (rhythm and Broadway style tap).

Advanced - Advanced students have the opportunity to expand their dance skills through extended classes in tap, ballet and jazz. These classes also expose them to other dance styles such as contemporary, hip hop, and musical theater.

Adult - Adults have fun and get lots of exercise in a fast-paced 60 minute combination tap and jazz class. If you want in depth training in a particular area, adult beginner level tap, ballet or jazz classes are available.

Boys- Our boys program includes tap, hip hop and tumbling.

Currently this class is  Tuition FREE for boys age 6-16. Click here for details.